Pooja Nansi is an educator and poet who believes in the power that speech and performance can lend to the written word.
Her first collection of poetry "Stiletto Scars" was published in 2007 at the Singapore Writer's Festival
She has performed and conducted workshops in several educational institutes both locally and abroad such as Kuala Lumpur and London, with individuals of different ages to try and make poetry relevant to their lives. She has also participated in poetry projects such as "Speechless" with the British Council, where she worked in conjunction with poets from London, Ireland, Taiwan, The Phillipines, Malaysia and Vietnam and engaged in a month long tour of the UK to explore issues surrounding freedom of speech.
She is most passionate about using poetry as a platform to raise awareness about issues close to her heart and her favourite description of herself is attributed to Filipino poet Siege Malvar who called her a "poetry and pumps diva"